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Monday, November 15, 2010

Simple and easy gluten free thanksgiving...

I know there are a multitude of recipes out there for a gluten free Thanksgiving. So, I am simply going to post a few tips I like to use, and also a few of my already posted recipes that could be incorporated into a simple gluten free Thanksgiving menu.

Tip 1: Make a centerpiece out of fruit. Its always beautiful, and then you get to eat the fruit after, so there is no waste. Use some extra herbs from your garden, or what you didn't use in your recipes--Voila! Instant centerpiece!

Tip 2: Brine your turkey. Trust me on this one. Google Alton Brown's recipe. You will never go back to un-brined turkeys.

Start with this recipe as one of your appetizers. Its simple, and easy to make, and delicious.
Olive Appetizer.

Make one of these biscuits as your gluten free roll offering for dinner. Either is delicious, and even your non-gluten free eaters at the table will not know they are GF. Tip: The next day, they make amazing biscuits and gravy! Cheddar biscuit, or Buttermilk-Sage biscuit.

Pie. You cannot have Thanksgiving without pie. This crust works! Its a great gluten free recipe! Pie Crust.

Serve your pie with this holiday spiced and scented coffee. It will truly feel like the beginning of the Christmas season. Cinnamon French Press Coffee.

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