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Saturday, April 2, 2011

New way with greens....tacos!

Seems the trend lately is for people to try to fit more dark greens into their diet. This can be a challenge to do with variety, as greens sometimes can only be prepared one or two ways.
We made these for a Saturday night dinner and I think it is a truly delicious, and successful way to incorporate dark greens. I am not sure if they are a lettuce wrap, or a taco...I suppose you could swing the terminology to fit whatever might sound most appealing to your family. We sauteed up some veggies and chicken, filled the large leaves of Swiss Chard, and rolled them up like a taco!
We used veggies we had; kohlrabi, fennel, green onion, the red Swiss Chard stems, and canned-diced tomatoes (our garden ones aren't ripe yet). But you could use more conventional veggies, like green peppers, onions, and red peppers and it would be equally delicious. We added some cumin-rubbed chicken, baked then diced, and voila! Delicious tacos!
Paired with some fresh radishes plucked from our garden and good Kosher salt--Dinner!
Either way you decide to enjoy them, make these up any night of the week!

  • 2-3 large Swiss Chard, or collard leaves per person (try to find ones about the size of a large hand, or larger.)
  • 4 cups sliced veggies
  • 2 baked chicken breasts (seasoned with cumin then diced) ** or keep this vegetarian and use 2 cups of mushrooms**
  • Greek yogurt or light sour cream to garnish
Bake your chicken, the dice. Then saute your veggies until tender. Do this over high heat to get some good caramelized color to them. Then, add the chicken to the cooked veggies and fill, wrap, (dollop sour cream or yogurt if you like) then roll and eat!