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Monday, November 9, 2009

For the holidays...a fast gluten free appetizer

Often when coming to a gathering I’m asked to bring “something you can eat”.The token gluten free appetizer on any party buffet of which I attend, is always, of course, brought by me. No longer does it have to be the usual, ordinary platter of mixed veg. Please don’t get me wrong, while I love veg, (mmm, with a bit of mustard dip or fresh kosher salt)- I am always looking for something great that is not tagged as 'gluten free' but fits into the buffet as another item that all persons can enjoy.  I prefer to bring something all can eat and enjoy, that is naturally gluten free.
The other evening, I came up with this one to take to a get together I was asked to bring an appetizer to. These are so fast to create, and are easy common ingredients, but the flavors, the way they blend together and compliment each other…really is something special. Salty, briny olives, sweet tomatoes, rich tangy cheddar, and the slight astringency of the basil, are a perfect pairing. Make a lot, they go very fast!

Cherry or grape tomato
Fresh basil leaves
Cubed cheese, any variety (just not soft cheese)
Olives, any pitted kind, I like Manzanilla
Layer into toothpicks, and serve!

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