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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Garden Evangelist...

I have said before, "Everyone should grow something..." And I really think this is true. A few years back I started having "Seed Planting Parties." The parties started as a way for some gardening gals to prep their seeds for the season. But each year I invite a few new folks. I tell people, you can have plots (a dedicated garden area in the ground) or pots (simple container gardening on a patio). I invite whoever I think would enjoy it. And some say "I don't garden," and I say, "Come anyway for brunch!" And it never fails, they end up finding the seed preparation process enjoyable and going home with at least an herb or two to try out their gardening skills for the first time.
Plus, we eat! This year I had a Fall Seed Party for the first time. And AZ had record temps for the first time since 1980 (107-degrees). So, I may just stick to my Spring parties from now on.
But this year was great! We shared our successes and challenges from last years growing season—"What does a broccoli flower look like?", "My peppers just did not do well this year, did yours?", "Did you know, that if you let arugula flower, you can harvest the seeds pods for next year?" We all share tips and tricks, and advice for the new gardeners in attendance. Everyone goes home toting their seeds bags full of a treasure of seeds just waiting to burst forth into a bounty for the table in just a few short  months.
I have shared my menu below—maybe it will inspire you to host a seed planting party, and gain some gardening coverts in your community.

Make your own menu, or be inspired by the one below.
What we enjoyed for brunch:
Some of the cupcake pics for fun...

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