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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Every home should have a yogurt maker...

• Local, organic milk (any fat)
• Bob’s red mill sweet dairy whey powder (or use powdered milk)
• Starter yogurt cup (this is simply a store bought cup of yogurt, plain. Horizon organic is best I find)

In a large Pyrex measure or bowl, measure out as many cups of milk as you have yogurt containers. I have 7, so I measure seven. Add to this your yogurt starter (the store bought cup of yogurt). Add to this 7-10 tbs of sweet dairy whey powder.
Use a whisk and whisk until the powder is dissolved. Let it sit in the Pyrex on your counter for about 30 minutes to bring it from fridge-cold, to more room temperature.

Pour the mixture into the cups in the maker. Lid the maker and turn on.
I do this in the eve after work, and let it go all night. In the am, I lid them and put them in the fridge and I am done.

Here is how I use it.
I eat it out of cup and flavor with a tablespoon of jam before eating, or of agave nectar. It is also a main ingredient in my husband and my self’s several day a week smoothie routine.

A note about the whey:
Bob’s Red Mill sells it and in my city, it is easily accessible, as it should be in most that have well stocked markets like Whole Foods, Sprouts, or the Sunflower family of markets. The whey (or if using powdered milk) thicken the yogurt to a more American style palette. It also adds nutrition in the way of protein. The whey adds a sweetness, that cuts the tart a bit, that the powdered milk will not. Either is fine to use. Either is fine to omit as well, the yogurt will be thinner in consistency if you omit.

A note about the starter yogurt:
Make your first batch with a store bought yogurt. You can make a second batch from one of your own as a starter. However, I have found that going beyond that, will not make good batches. So every other, use a store bought starter yogurt.

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  1. Okay, I really need to start using my yogurt maker. I just keep forgetting to do it. Now that I feel better, I have no more excuses. :-)