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Monday, February 8, 2010

Grow sunshine, bring bees...


The bad weather is over here in AZ. Record rain ever for our state. The wind put some of my sunflowers sideways, and they are still that way! But they are also still looking up to the sun and happy. I planted them all over the yard last season, instead of just in one or two spots. I was trying to promote bees in the yard to encourage pollination and produce more veggies. Its working! So far we have seen great things from everything this year, better than last. …And we’ve had about 6 bees off and on in the house when we've left the back door open to enjoy the sunshine days, so I would say they have a definite presence.

I've included lots of pictures today, because I couldnt decide on just one for this post. I encourage you, when the weather permits, to plant sunflowers. They are unbelievably easy to grow, and will grow really anywhere at all. Just buy a packet at your local grocery or nursery, poke them into the soil and wait! You will not be disappointed, I promise. They germinate quickly, and just grow and grow. Grow a lot...that way you will have plenty to bring inside in a vase, and plenty to leave outside.


There are many varieties, but I recommend a cutting variety, to cut and bring indoors, and I also recommend a seed producing variety. These are tall and grow large heads that produce the sunflower seeds we all know. When the heads are ready, you can dry roast the seeds yourself for eating, or simply lay them out for the birdies, they pick them right out of the head! Any brand of seed will do.

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  1. I can't get my sunflowers to grow. I've replanted the seeds over and over. I'm thinking of starting them inside and then transplanting them. Is there a trick I'm not aware of, or maybe the birds are getting them?