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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Chemical free home...Part I

This edition of chemical free home is for cleaning. There is alot to post, so I will post it in parts...I will post another later too for body products.
But for products Part I.
A while back we went chemical free. And honestly, it was not that difficult a transition. I could talk about why, and all the reasons to minus out the unecessary chemicals we expose ourselves to and how the body absorbs them...but you can do that research yourself and make your own decisions about your home and choices. You could also just choose to go chemical free in an effort to save money and create less waste (in the way of plastic bottles you throw away from home cleaners.)

Here is my lineup...
Packaging and containers.
 Recipes for cleaners.
  1. All purpose scrubbing cleaner - Baking soda.
    Cleanser for all tasks; sinks, toilets, showers, pots, pans, anything!
    Decant in a shaker-top jar of any kind.
  2. Floor cleaner for tile, wood laminate or vinyl floors.Mix 30% water with 70% vinegar. Add ½ cup rubbing alcohol. Add 1 tbs lemon juice.
    Put into a spray bottle (like a Windex bottle) for use. Spray onto the floor and mop with a terry-cloth mop (you can wash the terry-rags) so there is no waste or trash.
  3. Streak free mirrors and chrome. Mix 40% rubbing alcohol, 40% vinegar, 20% water. Put into an atomizer or sprayer like a windex bottle. The alcohol evaporates the other liquids quickly resulting in streak free mirrors.
  4. Windows and all purpose. (Counters, toilets, stoves, general use.)
    Mix 30% water and 70% vinegar. Put into a spray bottle for use.
  5. Fruit and veggie wash.Mix 50% hydrogen peroxide and 50% vinegar. Put into a small spray bottle for use and store in your kitchen. Vinegar is an antibacterial cleaning agent and peroxide is a disinfectant . Spray fruit or veggie liberally and let sit for 2 minutes. You can rub with your hands to loosen dirt. Then rinse.
Remeber use rags for cleaning, then wash them in the washer. The only time I use papertowels are when sanitation is an issue (think raw chicken juices on the counter...) I will post disinfectants (all natual) next time... stay tuned!

That is a good place to start...I will post more later this week!

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