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Sunday, October 25, 2009

A few words about Tom Sawyer Gluten Free Flour.

I have been known to thank our good Lord during grace at the table for a man named Tom Sawyer, and for his flour. His flour changed my gluten free life.

Tom’s flour is by far the very best to use in gluten free recipes.
 What I love about his flour is there are not extra items to add, like xantham gum, his blend is flavor neutral, and imparts no additional flavors to the food, like other flours can sometimes you want that, but often with baked goods, you don’t. Also, I can take any recipe, and simply substitute in his flour, and the food turns out amazing.

I mail order it from Sedona (local to me in AZ). You can too.

Trust me; it is worth the mail order. You will never go back. For new gluten free bakers, you will see often and wonderful success, I promise.

That said, I realize mail ordering your flour is not for all, so use whatever GF flour blend you choose to use in these recipes. If you have a mix you buy of GF flour, or that you make, you can use that in my recipes. They should turn out the same without issue, however the flavors may not be right on.

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