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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Allergen-free cupcake mix...

I am a scratch baker for the most part. And in the gluten free realm, I have mastered it fairly well. But when it comes to allergen free (for multiple food issues) well–that can be daunting to even the experienced baker.

Omitting eggs and dairy in baking takes one into a whole new venue of scientific experimentation that can at times, not turn out so well, or send you to the store for a lot of complex substitution ingredients.

So when I find a mix that works well for allergen free items, I like to tout its praises. I don’t know how readily available this brand is across the country, but it is stocked on most of the common big name groceries in my city. Cherrybrook Kitchen

This mix is great! Not just gluten free, allergen free! You add a few simple ingredients (oil, water, vanilla) and you have a delicious cake or cupcake. They are super-super moist and go together in very little time.
Frost this with my allergen free fudge icing, and its a winner!!

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