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Monday, August 9, 2010 you remember...

BRAVO-LARRY-TANGO-- that is code in our house for BLTs for dinner!
Its tomato season, and our farmshare is not disappointing us! Juicy, lucious red-ripe tomatoes. Ok, I confess, every Monday night in our house during tomato season is BLT night. We have to get it in while it lasts you know. We are of the school of thought, that we only eat the veggies we get in the farmshare, we buy no vegetables at the grocery each week. We are true seasonal eaters. Therefore, when tomato season is over, its over--for us anyway. So its a bit of a BLT-palooza at our place right now.
And for the gluten-free-ers, the joy is the same as the days when you still ate good old fashioned bread. Why? Because of the GF english muffin recipe I have on this blog site. These english muffins/hamburger buns/sandwhich breads really are a revolution. Please understand that I am not boasting, I am sharing the joy of GF bread with those who should know about it!
If you make these for nothing else, make it for having a BLT. Its like you remembered, the tender crumb of fresh toasted bread, chewey and soft, not dense... but light and fluffy, just the right texture of crunch and chew.
If you haven't made these english muffins yet, you must. For BRAVO-LARRY-TANGO night in your house.

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