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Monday, June 28, 2010

Gluten Free "Lasagne"...

Now, before you fear the food in quotes—as I usually on. Most food in quotes conjures up odd-ball substitutions for things that you really wonder why they even bother to stretch the barriers of science to morph a shouldn’t-be-in-it-food into another so that it fakes you out—but in a good tasting way? (think Tofurkey). It can be—we will say, an adventure.

But we all know the gluten free world is full of substitutions. Some good, some bad, some “well, because I’m gluten free I eat it”. This is not one of them.
Now—I could have settled for basic lasagna with a GF noodle and there you have it. But, my farmshare offered me up a bounty of zucchini squash this week, and I wanted some lasagna. We have vegetarian night once a week and this seemed like a perfect fit—destiny!
So using a peeler, I cut my zucchini into thin ribbons and layered that up the way I would have used a noodle!
This recipe is all about your lasagna recipe, just use the zucchini as noodles.
In mine, I layered zucchini, with my favorite sauce (see my recipes page) mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, and breadcrumb (GF of course—I just crumbled a fresh slice of bread and added some oregano.)
I’ll admit, this lasagna doesn’t hold together perfectly—ok, not really at all due to the moisture in the zucchini. Not like those Stouffer’s slo-motion stratas of noodle and cheese hovering precariously on a spatula in all its glory. I mean mine ends up on your plate in a luscious pile of hot warm sauce and oozing cheese. Is that so bad??
And honestly this is the best picture I could get of it—and you can see this is not my photographic best. So, that said—not every dish has to be perfect—we will call this one rustic…but delicious!

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