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Friday, October 30, 2009

Me gustan estas tortilla. There really is a Gluten Free flour tortilla...

I love these tortillas. Libertad! (freedom!) …to eat soft tacos again! Libertad! eat a pita wrap again. Libertad! I love these GF flour tortillas because they taste wonderful, but most importantly because they behave beautifully in texture for many things, something that many GF foods just cannot do.

Every gluten free home (or every home for that matter) should have a tortilla press (see the video how to use it to make these at the bottom). In a GF home you can make these amazing tortillas, but can also can make unmatched, crisp and salty GF saltine crackers (I will post soon in a future blog). It is a tool that will be used often, I assure you!
But let’s get to these GF flour tortillas. You will need to source lentil flour, also seen as Urad Dal, or a few other names in the Asian, or ethnic markets in your area. I have not tried this with other flours (like soy, or bean, or potato), but you can. Tell me how it turns out. But I find this combination of lentil flour and Tom Sawyer flour makes these what they are!

1 cup Tom Sawyer GF flour + 1 tbs
½ cup lentil flour
1 tsp baking powder
2/3 cup warm water (from the tap)
1 tsp salt, dissolved in the water
3 tbs fat (olive oil, or other oil)

Add the baking powder to the flours in your mixing bowl. In a separate measure, to the warm water add the salt and the oil, stir to dissolve the salt.
Using the paddle attachment on your stand mixer, blend the flours while drizzling in the oil and water mixture. Add as much of this mixture as it will take, it may not take it all depending on your climate.
Add enough to bring the mixture together. The dough will pull away from the sides. It becomes smooth and slightly shiny, but should not be sticky.

Make balls using a 1 oz scooper. Balls should be about golf ball size. Press in tortilla press using saran wrap placed on both sides of the press. If the dough is right, it will peel off easily from the saran wrap.
Cook this then on a dry griddle (non-stick), but I recommend a cast iron skillet. Depending on your stove, it should be set to around Medium. Test a small piece first on your skillet. It will look cooked and have some browned spots when done.
Let cool to room temperature before storing in a bag or covered container.
Reheat in the microwave, or steam them until soft.
Obviously, eat these however you see fit– I enjoy them as:
  • As a wrap
  • For quesadilla
  • For cheese crisp
  • Individual thin crust pizza crusts (11-year old test-passed)
  • For soft tacos
  • As pita chips (cut into triangles and bake till crisp)
I have used these all these ways with fantastic results!
A triple batch of this (match each batch one at a time, do not triple in the same bowl) makes a few dozen. Those last me in our home about 2 weeks in the fridge.
Enjoy! Muy bueno.

Using the tortilla press.

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