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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A green lunch…

Our home is a ‘pack and take your lunch to work’ household. Our packed lunches earlier this year plagued me. There was so much waste involved. Dozens and dozens of Ziploc baggies a week, which cannot be sent to the recycle bin and have to be thrown away (or washed and reused). The brown bags we were using are recyclable, but that was still creating waste. I set on a quest to find a zero waste lunch.

Here is my solution:
With some investment on the front end, these sealable ‘bento’ style boxes are fantastic. The box is leak proof with a rubber seal. The inner plastic boxes have lids. I wrap sandwiches or wraps in foil, which can be recycled (ok, almost zero waste). The rest comes home and gets washed!
Because it’s airtight, not everything needs to be wrapped. The sandwich could even go unwrapped, some sometimes mustard makes a break for it and gets on the rest of the items, so wrapping it works out best. In the end it saves money, because I no longer by boxes of Ziploc at the grocery, and we create nearly zero waste from our mid-day meal.

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